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Guide to Dental Emergency

Is your mouth issue a dental health emergency? Here’s a handy guide to situations that are generally considered dental emergencies: If you accidentally bite your lip, tongue, or other soft tissue in your mouth, clean the area and apply a cold compress to...

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Dental Implants – A Solution For The Long Run

Missing teeth can cause a lack in self-esteem and prevents the proper function of talking, drinking and eating. Dental implants is one of the most sought after restorative dental treatments because of their efficiency and convenience. A dental implants procedure is an...

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Dental Phobia The Whys And Hows

Dental phobia causes a lot of distress which will have impacts on the aspects of your life and of course your oral health. Dental phobics will spend most of their time thinking about the dentists or the dental situations and thinking about the condition of...

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Dental Care For Your Child

Dental care for your child starts as soon as the first tooth appears. A small child doesn’t understand the importance of dental health. You can help your children in understanding the importance of carrying out healthy habits. Start by following these...

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Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Understanding Sensitive Teeth What causes sensitive teeth? Wrong / Aggressive Brushing Receding Gums Tooth Decay Dental Erosion Broken Tooth Teeth Grinding Frequent Consumption Of Acidic Food And Drinks What is sensitive tooth? Sensitive teeth are the...

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The Procedure For Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a restorative dental product which is primarily used to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can have the negatively affect the appearance and your confidence. Missing teeth could cause a misalignment of the teeth, which could lead to...

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Understanding the benefits of flossing

Flossing not only prevents tooth decay between our teeth, but it also helps in preventing gum disease, guarding against bad breath and of course keeping our teeth clean and hygiene. Floss at least once a day that’s what we are being told but how many of us...

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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Have you ever considered dental implants? Dental implants are titanium structures used in dentistry to imitate a natural root of the mouth. The structure is built to support tooth restorations. The primary composition of a dental implant is commercially...

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Dental Solution For Snoring

When we talk about snoring treatment. Is Dentist the last person that you’re considering. Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialist are not the only medical specialist that treats snoring. Your dentist might just be able to help with a special type of mouthpiece....

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